Sound in 2D animation


2D animation

The soundtrack

To create music for this animation I was using garage band.
First I uploaded a track of forest sounds. Then I played the music keyboard to create a melody.

Settings for the piano:



Creating the music:



At the end I’ve added some thunder and rain sounds to connect to the animation and atmosphere of it. I’ve also changed some settings of fading in and out:



The music mood:

At first the melody is kinda cheerful and happy. Then the music becomes a bit slower and gets into the gloomy mood. For example, the sounds in 0:33 show that the girl was feeling  cheerful but got the realisation of being left out, which represent her feelings of getting lost and scared. Then the thunder and raining sounds come up, which show how she feels. After the sad part at 1:07 there are uplifting sounds again which represent hope. At this time she expects for something to happen. However, the hope wasn’t real and the music ends up with sad, “down-going” sounds, which represent disappearance and the vanishing.

Stop-motion animation:

The soundtrack was made with garage band using a piano and bell instruments. The link to the audio:

Fairytale game

FAIRYTALE: Snowhite and Seven Dwarfs

Writer: The Brothers Grimm

Published: 1812


Plot of the fairytale:

Queen asks the magic mirror who is the most beautiful in the world and the mirror’s answer is always Snowhite. She commands the guard to kill her in the woods, but he doesn’t. She wanders to the forest and found a little house in which she asleep. The dwarfs find the Snowhite and they become friends. When the queen finds out the Snowhite is alive, she comes to her as an old lady to give her a poisoned apple. She eats it and dies. However, the Prince comes and awakes the Snowhite, and they get married.


Game treatment:

Audience: 16+

Devices: PC/PS4

Type: Action/Strategy/Fantasy



Story and game mechanics:

The games starts when the Snowhite is in the woods. The atmosphere is dark and gloomy. She finds herself laying on the grass. She sees that the guards are chasing and trying to kill her.


The aim is : to escape the forest alive

Gameplay: exploring the forest and environment by doing quests and interacting with animals to get power and materials to make a weapon and knock the enemies off.


By doing quests animals can provide you different materials which you can merge to create a weapon. You can combine different materials to create different kind of weapons, since you need to counter different types of guards. (For example some guards use magic so you would need to create a weapon with magic resist to win a fight, or some guards are very “tanky” but their attack damage isn’t big, in which case you would need a weapon with attack speed and etc.)


For doing bigger quests Snowhite could also gain magic powers which could help her to win the fight. (The magic powers could be rooting enemies so they couldn’t move, or blinding them etc.)


The quests given by animals could be finding some type of items, in where you have to explore the forest. There will be different environments and landscapes, you might need to swim in the river or fly on the large birds. Sometimes you could encounter bad animals such as wolves, trying to kill you too.

There would be a lot of parts of the game, but these are going to be from the beginning, middle and the end of the game.



Snowhite is in the forest which is nearby the castle, gloomy and dark place, its rainning. Not many good animals around, Snowhite has to use rocks and branches to get away from the guards. She gets deeper in the woods where the rain stops and it becomes more peaceful. She discovers the world of animals which behave like humans (each has their own personalities).



She discovers a pond which has magical aura around, the atmosphere is relaxing and mystic. There are small spirits flying around which she could talk to and heal the damage taken from the guards. (The Snowhite has 1000health and if it drops below that, she has to start over from the last checkpoint. She can increase the health by doing the quests etc.) However, she hears the wolves come and she has to fight


Last part

In the last part the Snowhite has to fight the queen (the boss). The fight would happen on a tall cliff with beautiful landscape and sky. Snowhite needs to have a big variety of weapons and magic powers since the queen can change her form. The player needs to use strategy to how and when to use certain weapons and powers and when to defend themselves to win against the queen. If the player didn’t do enough quests he won’t be able to win the last level since he doesn’t have enough weapons.


Each level should have beautiful and high quality imagery.

Game artwork:



Game level ( the pond ):


2D and Stop Motion animation TASK4 – Animated Alphabet


First animation

I changed the animation type from cut out to drawn stop motion. Cut out took too much time and I wasn’t able to finish to I chose to draw it.

At first I’ve created an alternate animation just to have something, which didn’t take a lot of time (around 30 minutes).

This one had a different plot: a little drop flew around the paper and it became a small angel which blew a kiss.

I used a pencil on a simple white paper and was shooting with a phone camera:

1st frame

2n frame

3rd frame

4th frame

5th frame


The camera wasn’t positioned in the same place and you could see previous erased drawings on the paper which makes this animation look not professionally made.

This animation was made out of 60 images.


2D and Stop Motion animation TASK2 – Animated Alphabet

0Idea of a letter

For the animated alphabet I got an “X” letter. It was kinda difficult for me to find a word starting with an “x”. However, I thought that “x” could represent a kiss, which was used even in Middle Ages.
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 15.43.53.png

The first written treatment of the animation:

Everything is happening in a starry background with a moon. In the first second, flowers appear from the sides.

At the second second, flowers start moving around which could be compared to “bells”, inviting the angel. As they are moving it also releases some starts into the sky for more interesting effect.

At the third second, an angel flies form the edge of the scenery across the moon.

At the fourth second, the angel is closer to the camera, we can see her from the profile angle. She raises her hand near her face and then blows a kiss

At the fifth second an “x” letter, which is represented as a kiss, flies towards the centre of the screen, getting bigger.




-The animation will be black and white and drawn
-No flowers

Written treatment for alternate animation:

A little drop appears on the screen and flies around to the centre. In the centre it becomes a little angel. Then the angel get blows a kiss which appears as an x.


The soundtrack was made with garage band using a piano and bell instruments. The link to the audio:




2D and Stop Motion animation TASK4 – Sense of Hope


The animation creation

The character

To create the character I was using Adobe Illustrator and was using only pen tool. I’ve created different parts of body separately (hair, eyes, head, etc.) :

character creation.png

It wasn’t easy drawing with a mouse using Illustrator. I thought Photoshop was easier to draw with and I also could add more shading and detail to my drawings. However, I think assets created with Photoshop have worse quality compared to Illustrator. For example, when I uploaded clouds created with Photoshop into Adobe Animate they were blurry and low quality, which is why I chose Illustrator.
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.44.54.png

I created small bits of hair separately to make it move as she walks.  At first it was a bit hard to get her body proportion right – the dress was too wide or too small.

This is the the final look:Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 15.39.09.png

As we can see her dress is way lighter and matches the eye colour. I removed the stroke around some objects, because it made them too stand out too much.
The character is way less detailed than in the drawings because it was hard to do that using Illustrator.

Here are different expressions of her:


There are back and side angles too:

I didn’t have to draw the hair each time. I’ve got a layer of hair copy and pasted to create different looking hair.

To create the body I didn’t draw the whole of it. I only added legs which made it look like there is a whole body:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 15.40.02

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 15.39.47.png

Different angles and emotions of a standing character:


These are the two people the girl was walking with:


There is also a scene of birds flying. I’ve also created them using Illustrator.

bird creation


Creating the scenes

At first. using Photoshop I drew the scenery with a brush.


It looked a little bit plain so I added some pictures with low opacity and erased some bits I didn’t want to see. This gave more detail:


For each scene I was drawing a different drawing. Eventually, the weather became worse and worse so I added extra clouds and made the colours darker.

This is how I created the landscapes. The background layer is my drawing and each other different layer is a picture of something:

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 15.22.43.png

Here are my all landscape scenes:



To animate I’ve used Adobe Animate. First of all, I would take the object I created in Illustrator and put it in Adobe Animate.

animating bird.png

This is a picture of animating the birds. I created two copies of them and used a bone tool to make their wings and bodies move. To use the bone tool, each part of the body I had to convert to a symbol and name it differently. I made the rotation centre in the middle of the body.


This is a picture of animating the first scene of landscape. I’ve added the clouds and using motion tween I made them to move slowly to the right side. I made a transparent circle become bigger and smaller around the sun to make it look as if it was shining. Also I’ve made little circles move back and forth on the water to make it looks as if it was sparkling.

I’ve basically used the same method to all my scenes- using the motion tween made the symbols bigger and smaller, making them move different directions and etc.

In my opinion my animating method was limited and I couldn’t do more complicated animation. I found After Effects quite complicated at first, and there wasn’t enough time for me to learn it better so I chose Adobe Animate. With Adobe Animate I also didn’t know much things, just the basic stuff. I think if I had more knowledge with these programs I could have created a better animation.


To edit the animation I used iMovie. I’ve created about 42 different scenes. After saving each other separately from Adobe Animate, I’ve moved them to iMovie. On each scene I applied a transform effect. There are fade in/out effects, slide in/out, etc.

Subtitles were also applied using this program. I think I should have done the subtitles a bit more visible and bold, because now it is kinda hard to read. Also, the subtitles are a bit too fast to read, but because there was a 1:30 time limit, I had to make it faster.

I tried to make the amount of scenes as less as possible, so there would be more time for reading, but I feel like if I deleted even more it would be even harder to catch the plot meaning or get involved into the animation.

Feedback from peers

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.03.59.png

Most of the people said that the colours reflect the atmosphere and emotion, although it could be improved.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.05.18.png

The answers for this one are very different, some said that it was too fast or too slow. Other people said it was perfect.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.06.32.png

The same amount of people said that the amount of effects was perfect and that there could be added more.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.07.59.png

Almost half of the group said that the character was perfectly made, and others said that there could be added more detail to character or colours could be improved.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.09.17.png

The bigger part of the group said that the backgrounds we nicely drawn and others said that the art style of them could be improved.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.10.31.png

According to this the music perfectly reflected atmosphere, although for some people it wasn’t appealing. Also most of the people understood the storyline.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.13.12.png
According to responses, most of the people understood the storyline.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.14.02.png

According to answers I could have added a walk cycle and leg/arm movements. Also the subtitles could be more visible.