Idea for a pixar style animation idea

The Two Gods

Long time ago there were no technologies on our earth. There were huge fields decorated with tall trees and there were grasslands with the largest variety of flowers. You could see tall mountains towering across the fields and their peaks were hiding between the clouds.  There used to be two giant brothers, which humans referred to as the two gods. One of them was friendly, he was always cheerful and had a big smile on his face. However, the other one was full of anger. He was wicked and serious and he had never put a smile on his face. When one of two gods (the friendly one) shared his knowledge of how to use land as soils and build farms, many humans decided to follow him. His brother, however, only knew hunting and weaponry. When he shared his knowledge with other humans, they waged wars against families and countries. That’s how all the wars on earth has started. The friendly brother was furious, and declared war against his brother, but because of his lack of skills with weapons, he lost.  The surviving giant, full of regret after losing his only brother, decided to leave all the living. He dug as far down in to the earth as he could, made an underground home for himself, and gathered all the water he could find above it. When he was done, he entered his underground house and sealed the doors. The humans referred to the passage to his house as The Mariana Trench. Many years has passed by, and after that, he has been forgotten.


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