Old picture of a boy

On photoshop we have been learning how to correct photos, remove unwanted things on them and correct the colours. In this task we had to correct an old picture of a boy. Here is the original photo:

As we see, the photo really old and all wrinkled. So the first thing I had to do was to remove the wrinkles. There were two ways of doing that: using stamp tool or spot healing brush. I think both tools are not difficult to use. The disadvantage of stamp tool is that you almost always have to scan the colour you want to use, and spot healing brush doesn’t require that. But the thing I like about stamp tool more than the spot healing brush is that it’s brush is more soft. Then I cropped the image to remove borders around the photograph.

After that, I tried adding some colours to the picture. I copied this photo into the new layer and started colouring it.

Here is the progress:


In my opinion, this looked quite natural and realistic. Then I tried adding more colours:

At the end I wasn’t very happy with the results. These colours did not seem to look very natural and looked unrealistic. I think the photo would have looked better if I left it in grey colour.

In the future I hope to improve in colouring to make photos look more realistic.


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