Polly bird

Using photoshop we had to create this bird made out of triangles.

Original photo

To create this kind of photo non-destructive way we had to follow these steps:
Firstly, we had to turn on grid and edit it’s preferences. Then we had to select polygonal lasso tool and draw a triangle. After that, click record and choose filter “blur average”. Then deselect it and stop recording. Then we needed to enable command for this action which was “F1”.

Then the process of making a bird out of triangles was way faster. We just had to draw a triangle and press CMND+F1, and the triangle would fill itself. At the beginning, I was editing the photo the destructive way, in which there were no layers. Here is the process:


However, I realised that at first I was editing the wrong way. I started over and made a photo of  non-destructive editing way. (Also, in previous picture my triangles weren’t drawn point to point, and this made some gaps between the triangles. In this picture I fixed that problem)


Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 11.29.36.png

This image doesn’t look very different from the previous one. The main difference of these two ways of editing is that on non-destructive editing you can correct your mistakes easier.

After that, I applied gradient background:

Final bird


Personally, I like this kind of editing because it is easy to use and it creates a very nice effect.



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