Game HUD



This is a poster of images of League of Legends game HUD (Heads up display)

  1. Permanent HUD is a display that is always shown on the display.
    In this game, these things are always showing on the display:
    The character you are playing, what level you are, what abilities you have and their cooldown, your health and mana, your summoner spells, your bought items, the gold you have, teams scores and the map.
  2. Pull-up HUD is a display that you have control whether you want to see it or not.
    In this game, these are things that you can hide them or show them:
    The menu of all players’ characters, which shows their score, what they are buying, what summoner spells they have got and what level everyone are. It also shows how many turrets have each team has destroyed, how many dragons and monsters each team killed, and shows how much time is left until the next monsters respawn.
    You can also pull up the menu which shows who have killed you and how they killed you, who assisted them and what items they have bought. It also gives an advice what items you should buy to become stronger against the killer.
    You can also pull out the menu which shows your stats like attack speed, damage and etc.
    Other menu you can pull up is the shop, which shows you all of the items you can buy.
  3. Action HUD is a pop-up information caused by event which happened in gameplay.
    Here are the things in this game which pop-up if something happens:
    The red screen. It shows you that you are being attacked and your health is dropping.
    The arrows which come up on your abilities when you level up. By clicking an arrow you can choose which ability you want to level up.
    When you are casting an ability the bar pops up which shows you the duration of how long it will last.
    The cooldown of your death when you die.

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