Music Journal | 29/11/2016

I added more information to my Game Audio and Sound research:
Instead of someone driving an empty car they created a new game version in 2011 in which they involved a main character. They recorded his voice which expressed emotions and scenes with fighting sounds. This way you could feel as you were him and could get involved in a game better and feel more drama.
This kind of game needs to have an edgy music to feel the vibe and get the feeling of this game. For example, the game version “Need for Speed The Run (2011)” takes action in America. For this game people wanted to create a soundtrack which could capture the feeling of American culture and the feeling of driving across the country. They have listened to a lot of American kind of music to get inspiration and to create their own soundtrack, which would be more edgy and cinematic.
They’ve got one layer of the orchestra playing in the background. That wasn’t enough, so they added guitars and drums which give more harshness so the music would fit the story.
The music also depends on the story that is happening. There are some moments where they cut the music absolutely off (for example, in crashes). This way you feel the emotion of the action and makes you kind off “freeze” for that moment. In some places they make it in slow motion or faster. While playing the game you naturally feel the music flowing with the game.
Other game versions have different music. The soundtracks in this game have an uplifting  music (electronic, dubstep, techno, drum and bass, etc.) genres. It makes you feel energised and gets you into the racing mood.
Websites I have used to write the research:
About the audio and sound effects:

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