Analysing Modernist and Contemporary posters

Adolphe Mouron Cassandre was a Ukrainian-French painter, commercial poster artist, and typeface designer.

He has created a lot of Modernist type of posters, and there are some of his works:

I’m going to talk about this poster:

This poster is a classical art deco poster. It’s purpose is to advertise a wine bar.
It looks like this poster is made out of simple, non-complicated shapes such as rectangles and half-circles, only the wine which is coming out of the bottle is made out of a curve.
The layout for the poster is also pretty simple: the text field is at the bottom of the image.  The whole poster has a thin subtle yellow frame. The image background is dark grey which gives a contrast to the frame and text field (which is yellow). The text colour is the same as the colour of the background which connects the background and the text field together. The colours of a bottle and a wine are different from any other colour in the poster so these two elements stand out more. The wine colour in the bottle is dark red and in the glass it is a light red and has a “glowing” effect. When looking at the poster this effect draws your eyes to the glass. The colour of the bottle is blue-green and has a gradient effect in which the colour becomes darker at the top. Red is a complementary colour to blue, that’s why it gives a nice contrast and it matches very well. The glass and the bottle has a thin black and yellow lines too. These lines helps to define the shape of these elements making them stand out more. The colours of the lines are also the same as the text field and the background (just a little bit darker). Cassandre made this poster using only 4 colours: grey, yellow, white and blue. This makes the poster not too colourful and all these colours go together very well. Also, all of them has a bit greyish fade and they aren’t too bright.
The font is Sans Serif type and simple. The main title is written in the middle in a bigger size, and the secondary information (location) is written in smaller, less eye catching size.

Paul Rand was an American art director and graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs.

He was one of the first American commercial artists to embrace and practice the Swiss Style of graphic design. Swiss Style is also known as International Typographic Style.
Here are some of his works:

Here is one of his works:
This poster encourages to create things that doesn’t only look good, but also have a meaning or an idea. This is a Swiss Style design poster because it’s made out of typography. The font of text is sans serif and all the words has the same font. However, the font size isn’t the same. Each word and sentence are put in a particular place to create a nice image. The colour of the text is mainly white to make it stand out in the black background. For more effect and to make the poster not plain there are more two colours added: yellow and orange. These both colours are analogous on the colour wheel and that’s why they both match together. To add something more than just text to the poster there’s an eye which is a symbol for “looking” .

Contemporary designs:

These days it’s easier to create posters than it was long time ago. Digitally you can create anything you want and you have no limits. There are a lot of great contemporary poster designers who create really creative posters and uses a big variety of techniques.

Alex Trochut is a Spanish artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer.
He uses typography to create interesting poster designs. Here are some of his works:

This poster was for “Vampire Weekend” band concert:
The main accent of this poster is font. He had to create interesting text design for this poster. The main title is in the middle and extra information are at the bottom left, top right corners and in the bottom middle. He made a 3D looking font with extra decorations on them. Main colours of the poster are black, white and blue, red. Black text stands out because of the white background. Different colour decorations creates a fun mood. Smaller text is the colour of the decorations, so everything on the poster connects together.This is another contemporary poster (artist unknown):
This is a modern looking poster. The main text is a little below the middle and the image is as the top, which draws your eye look at the whole poster and doesn’t draw your eye only to the one side of the poster. The image makes the poster look more dynamic. The text is sans serif and doesn’t look too complicated. It’s black with grey and blue accent. The blue matches with the image at the top. Also, blue, white and grey colours create calm and relaxing mood. There is a bigger and a smaller font to make it look more interesting. All the text is underlined for a better image.

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