Evaluation of “London Festival of Architecture” poster


These are my final poster and alternative designs:black_poster22 2.jpg
lloyds_poster6 2.jpg
SaintPaulsPoster4 2.jpg

In my opinion, this first poster style is a little bit “futuristic”. I’ve made this poster using only photoshop. This poster overall didn’t take much time to do, but the most time I’ve spent on was the text. Firstly, I had to download the font from the website and then I edited it to make the text stand in the right place. The “fading away” effect on lines was made with a brush.
I cut out the building from a picture and added some filters and adjustments on it so it’s only black and white and looks less realistic. When I put the building on a black background I used a black brush to cover the sharp edges. I also used a white brush to make the white lines on the building stand out more.
The second poster took the shortest amount of time to make and I think it looks quite good. I had a hard time deciding which one between these two should I make my final poster. On this one I used Illustrator and Photoshop programs. I used Illustrator to make vector shapes of Lloyd’s building and then I copied these objects to photoshop:
lloyds.jpg After that I put a green background on it.
I downloaded the font from the website and duplicated the layers of text to add that “duplicated” text effect.
The third one took me the longest time to make, and, in my opinion, it doesn’t look too bad. However, for me this poster is the least appealing of all these three.
I cut the building out of a picture and added some effects and adjustments to it. I duplicated the churches and made a shadow copies behind them. I had to cut a triangle and duplicate it many times to make a line. Later, I added the same picture of St. Paul’s Cathedral in the corners and made it transparent. The font was downloaded from the website.

Poster comparing:
The main difference between professional work and mine is that the professionals’ works look more clean and flawless. For example, in the first poster if you look closely on my work you can see the imperfections on the lines, they are not as straight as they should be. I also think that I could have made the building in the first poster look better so it would look more professional ( for example, create a vector shape of it in Illustrator like I did on the Lloyd’s building ).
Similarity of my work and professionals might be the font. Professionals don’t use the fonts that are available on Photoshop and look up for more interesting ones just like I did.

The Idea:
My idea on the first poster was to have the main object of my poster as a popular or well-known London’s building, because the name of this poster is “London Festival of Architecture”. I wanted to make it look a little bit futuristic because the architecture is becoming more and more modern. On the second one I wanted it to look a bit “Art Deco” but with a modern building. I got inspired making this kind of poster by doing the research on other Art Deco posters. On the third one I wanted to do something different than the previous two so I made a poster with an older building. I wanted it to represent and remind the architecture of the past. At first I even tried adding an old looking font to it, but it didn’t work very well.


  • Brush (for shading some lines and hiding sharp edges)
  • Lasso tool and Polygonal lasso tool (for cutting out the buildings from images)
  • Gradient tool (for doing the background for the second poster)
  • Text box (for text)


  • Pen tool ( for creating shapes )

My thoughts about my work and the project:

I think that was an interesting project, but I didn’t spend enough time on it. I feel that I could have done better if I had organised everything and had a plan since the start of the project. I’ve been doing the tasks and they’ve have been confusing at first. Checklist for submission helped a lot, I think if we got that at the very start it would have been easier to organise. I made the most work on my sketchbook before the deadline (such as creating coloured drawings, etc.) and got way more many ideas on how I should have done the poster, but there wasn’t enough time anymore. However, I can’t stay I’m not happy with the result I have now, but I know that I could have done it better.



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