Ideas for car racing game

Track for racing game:
The player has to go on the red track. Near every underground station there is a place to charge their cars. There are two places in the track where there are two ways to go (they are marked as pink lines). When the player encounters the question mark, there will be a secret box which will spin them which way they are going (they cannot chose themselves). If they are lucky they will go as they were going, and if not, they will have to go the pink line, which makes their journey longer.
Driving near green places (such as green park, St James Park and other) makes you go faster, because electric cars promote saving nature.
Payoff: When you cross the finish line, you will be shown your time, and depending on your position you will win different medals and extra bonus for next game ( more detailed information about the strategy will be on the blog post: .
Information Set:
Track maps / speedometer / Way-Finding  / start lights / placing / Lap / Checkpoints / Fuel gauge


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