Track map HUD for racing game and strategy

This is a track map HUD for a racing game:
The process of making:
Using pen tool I drew the road, made a selection and applied a stroke. Using pen tool and making a selection I filled the green parts and at the end added the icons of arrows, thunders and a flag. Everything is 80% opacity.
The racing start and finish line is at Piccadilly Circus. You can charge your car at Charing Cross, Westminster and Green Park underground stations. When you encounter black arrows, they will automatically generate which way you must take (if you are lucky you will go the way you were going, if not you will have to take the other path which will create a longer journey:
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 14.21.47.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 14.22.19.png
Because electric cars promote healthier environment and planet saving, my teams are related to nature elements ( Northern Lights, Thunder, Wind ). These things will also have an impact to the gameplay.
Because this game is promoting nature and healthy environment, cars will gain 10% more speed while driving near green areas:
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 14.50.57.png
Depending on the weather and time of the day different teams will gain extra bonus.
For example, when it’s night, Northern Lighters will gain 5% more speed when driving near the green areas. That means Northern Lighters on night will have 15% more speed when driving near the green areas while other teams will have 10% more speed.
For different weather and time the track map HUD will change:
When it’s night (Bonus for Northern Lighters):
When there’s thunder (Bonus for Crimson Thunders):
When there’s heavy wind (Bonus for Wind Forcers):
When there’s heavy wind and night (Bonus for both teams):
When there’s night and thunder (Bonus for both teams):
When there’s thunder and heavy wind (Bonus for both teams):
When there’s thunder, heavy wind and night (Bonus for all teams):
The weather and the time of the day might change during the game. For example, the heavy wind might stop and the thunder might come and etc.
There might be no thunder, heavy wind or night. That means that none of the teams will get the bonus.

When you cross the finish line first, you gain a medal, and for next level you master all the elements. For example, if there is at least only one element active ( for example heavy wind ) that team will gain all bonuses possible ( wind, night and thunder ). However, to make the game more fair, the will be a bigger probability on getting to take an arrow to a different direction.


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