Final racing game HUD (evaluation)

This is my final racing game HUD:
Everything about the track map is in here:

The placement:
You can see each teams placement in the top left and at the bottom left on the map. At the bottom right you can see in which place you are now. Nearby you can see on which lap you are now. I made them using a transparent circle shape and Ormont Light font. I used brush to add a glowing effect.

At the top there are starting lights and way-finding arrows.

For speedometer I used a transparent circle as a background. Then in illustrator I created the speedometer base:
Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.20.10.png
First I made a main curve, and then added other details. First symbol shows time, then speed and the weather (because your speed can depend on weather).
Then in photoshop I added some glow to it.

For the background I used this photo:
I changed the adjustments and made it a little bit darker, and then edited the road to make it without the passenger way.

To produce this HUD I’ve used Photoshop and Illustrator programs. The professional’s work looks more precise. I think I should improve on making the HUD more “clean” and realistic.

Work on HUD in sketchbook:



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