2D and Stop Motion animation TASK2 – Sense of Hope

Written treatment for “Sense of Hope”

A scene of a beautiful sunny landscape. Clouds are moving slowly and a lake is shining. There are hills and mountains at the back.”what a wonderful day”

Birds are flying. ” it’s so shiny and calm”

The girl is walking towards camera. ” I am so happy to be there, especially with people that I love”

Two silhouettes are walking at the front. “What could be better than being with people that mean everything to you?”

Two silhouettes are closer. One of them turns at the camera. “Hurry, there’s not enough time”

The girl lifts her hand. “Don’t worry, I am coming”

The girl looks down. “Eh?”

The camera is at the girl’s feet and a flower.

The girl picks up the flower.

She holds it in her hands. “This is the most beautiful flower I’ve ever seen. Why there is just one flower in these fields?”

The girl turns and notices that her people are further away. “What? Why aren’t they waiting?”

The girl throws the flower away. “Why are they always rushing somewhere?”

She runs towards them. “Hey! Wait for me!”

The girl is thinking. “I need to catch them up”

The clouds are flying and the sun is hiding underneath them. “It is getting pretty cloudy all of a sudden.”

The girl is standing and the wind is blowing. “And it’s getting so windy and cold”

The girl is walking to the right. “How can weather change so much that fast?”

Two silhouettes are even further away. “They are going away. Did they forget about me?

The girl starts running. “Hey! Do you hear me?”

There are more clouds coming to the sky.

The wind is getting harder.

People are slowly disappearing.

A scene with trees and grass swinging because of heavy wind.

A scene with mountain and a rough lake with fast flying clouds.

It starts raining.

The girl is still trying to catch them up. “Please, wait for me. Why are you leaving?”

A scene with an empty road. “They disappeared..”

Girl is looking at the side. “They left me alone when it became so cold and harsh.”

Scene with an empty road. “I will have to go this road alone. I have no other choice.”

The girl is walking on the road. “It’s so cold and tired. I don’t know how long it will take till I reach the end of the road.”

The camera is from a side, showing the walking girl. “I don’t even know where I am going. I just follow the path. Maybe it’s endless”

The camera is from a front, showing the walking girl. “Am I even going the right way? Maybe it’s not even the right direction?”

The camera is at the girl. “I’m so lost. So alone.”

The camera is at the road and the girl. “This road leads to emptiness.”

The camera is at the empty road again. “Is there a reason of following it? Or existing?

The road and background is getting darker. “It is getting only darker and colder”

The camera is at the girl. “Why? Why did they disappear?”

The camera is at the back. There is a black background. “Did they see the storm coming and left? Or the storm came because my precious ones have disappeared?”

The camera is at the girl’s face. “Now it’s a complete darkness. I can’t move. I can’t see where to go”

The wind is blowing and the girl is standing in the middle, crying.

The camera is closer and the girl is hiding her face with her palms. “I can’t take this anymore”

A black scene. “I can’t..”

A subtle light in the middle of black scene comes up. “Eh? What is that?”

The camera is at the girl’s face. “Light?”

The light is getting bigger. “There is a light in this darkness and it’s only getting bigger.”

The camera is at the happy girl’s face. “Will I finally escape?!”

The girl is moving towards the light. “I will finally escape this darkness and these feelings”

The girl is running towards camera. “I will finally live in the light again!”

The girl stops. “Eh? Wait..”

The girl is facing a light which is on a vehicle silhouette. “This isn’t an ordinary light”

The girl is standing on a train track facing a coming light in front of her. “This is a light of a train”

The camera is close at the girl facing the train. “And it’s quickly coming towards me”

The camera is close the girl’s eyes and the flower she picked up earlier is falling down from the sky.

As the flower falls down, she closes her eyes.

White scene.


The road is like a representation of life. Every person since born has to follow a long path of life. It can be full of difficulties and storms, but it also can be beautiful.

The girl is going with the people she loves. The beautiful weather shows that she is happy and that everything is good in life.

The only flower in the fields represent something beautiful and unusual. In real life sometimes we encounter something so beautiful that we get fascinated by it and lose our minds. We dissociate from reality, drowning in our own dreams. After waking up we realise that it is not the same anymore.

Two silhouettes are slowly going further away, which in real life we start losing a connection between people.

The weather is becoming worse, which show that the difficulties appear in life. It’s getting colder and harder to live, when people you adore are slowly leaving you alone.

Finally those people disappear in the horizon. The girl feels that she’s wanted by nobody. It becomes really hard following the path of life alone. There is no-one to support you, no-one to help you to find the right direction. The storm shows the everything is becoming wrong in life.

The girl is starting to lose a will to live. The road feels endless, leading to nowhere. What is the point of living? We follow this road our whole life, but at the end, what is waiting?

The storm is becoming bigger and bigger. The girl’s depression is growing. Finally, complete darkness. No point in living, no hopes and expectations. It feels like you are a dead person living in this world.

But finally, a glimpse of light. Hope. It feels like you are finally going to be saved, that life has brought something beautiful. You think that this suffering is finally going to end.

You are happy running towards the hope with your hands wide open. However, it’s nothing there. You expected a rescuer, something which could save you from having these dark thoughts. But there was an another misfortune or disaster coming, which is represented as a train.

Preparatory and development work for “Sense of Hope”


This is a storyboard for my animation. Because the animation with all the scenes would be too long, I had to remove some of them.



Animation assets


This is my main character for the animation.

At first I was drawing quite a lot of details on the face:



She doesn’t look like a normal human here, more like a mystical creature. I wanted her to look different: pale skin, very light eyes and hair. Dark circles under the eyes would give more depth into her gaze. It also could show that she has been through a lot of things in her life. The cross necklace in first picture could have symbolised hope (however, as I was doing the animation the necklace disappeared from my mind).

I realised that when doing the animation I won’t be able to draw so many details because of the lack of time. I tried to reduce the details and make it more simple:


As we can see there is less detail on her eyes. I personally preferred the first version better, she looked more interesting and unique for me. However, since I didn’t have much time and enough skills to transfer everything to a computer and animate it, I sticked with this version. Here I’ve also adde some colour. I wanted her hair and eyes to be more white, but it would be harder to see it in the animation so I chose more visible colours.

There are also two weird looking silhouettes in the animation. They are like shadows and don’t have much detail, so they could be interpreted by anyone in their own way. Also, they look kinda “bad” or “evil”. These silhouettes are made a bit evil-ish to highlight the fact that they leave this girl alone by herself later.




The action is happening in a mysterious place that no one knows where it is. It’s like an island or abandoned land. The scenery is quite relaxing and calming. Eventually, the scenery gets more harsh.


Sountrack and music

The soundtrackhttps://soundcloud.com/user-84917705/music-for-sense-of-hope-1

To create music for this animation I was using garage band.
First I uploaded a track of forest sounds. Then I played the music keyboard to create a melody.

Settings for the piano:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 09.17.09.png

Creating the music:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 09.36.28.png

At the end I’ve added some thunder and rain sounds to connect to the animation and atmosphere of it. I’ve also changed some settings of fading in and out:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.19.44.png

The music mood:

At first the melody is kinda cheerful and happy. Then the music becomes a bit slower and gets into the gloomy mood. For example, the sounds in 0:33 show that the girl was feeling  cheerful but got the realisation of being left out, which represent her feelings of getting lost and scared. Then the thunder and raining sounds come up, which show how she feels. After the sad part at 1:07 there are uplifting sounds again which represent hope. At this time she expects for something to happen. However, the hope wasn’t real and the music ends up with sad, “down-going” sounds, which represent disappearance and the vanishing.






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