2D and Stop Motion animation TASK4 – Animated Alphabet

Evaluation First animation I changed the animation type from cut out to drawn stop motion. Cut out took too much time and I wasn't able to finish to I chose to draw it. At first I've created an alternate animation just to have something, which didn't take a lot of time (around 30 minutes). This... Continue Reading →


2D and Stop Motion Animation TASK 1

Everything for task 1 and all research things (hope, animation, timelines and etc.) will be on this post Research and Planning Research on Hope Vocabulary definition of Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. Synonyms: aspiration, desire, wish, expectation, ambition, aim, plan, dream, daydream, longing. Opposites: dejection, hopelessness, despair.... Continue Reading →

Animating an arm with DUIK

Toady I've animated an arm using DUIKĀ plugin. First I had to create 3 rectangles for arm, forearm and arm and name each layer. Then I had to change rotation points and create a controller on hand. Then I had to select layers in this order: hand, forearm, arm, hand controller. Then after clicking IK I... Continue Reading →

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