3D pre-planning

Sketches of character design for Adobe Fuse: Block drawing of scene with planned character positions throughout the course:


TASK4: Game evaluation

Final game screenshots: 1 version 2 version Here we can see my final finished products of the game. Here are the different parts of the game which I am going to talk about: Overall style of the game I think if I had done more research on the platform games, I would have gone with... Continue Reading →

Fairytale game

FAIRYTALE: Snowhite and Seven Dwarfs Writer: The Brothers Grimm Published: 1812   Plot of the fairytale: Queen asks the magic mirror who is the most beautiful in the world and the mirror’s answer is always Snowhite. She commands the guard to kill her in the woods, but he doesn’t. She wanders to the forest and... Continue Reading →

Game HUD

  This is a poster of images of League of Legends game HUD (Heads up display) Permanent HUD is a display that is always shown on the display. In this game, these things are always showing on the display: The character you are playing, what level you are, what abilities you have and their cooldown,... Continue Reading →

Polly bird

Using photoshop we had to create this bird made out of triangles. Original photo To create this kind of photo non-destructive way we had to follow these steps: Firstly, we had to turn on grid and edit it's preferences. Then we had to select polygonal lasso tool and draw a triangle. After that, click record... Continue Reading →

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