Fairytale game

FAIRYTALE: Snowhite and Seven Dwarfs

Writer: The Brothers Grimm

Published: 1812


Plot of the fairytale:

Queen asks the magic mirror who is the most beautiful in the world and the mirror’s answer is always Snowhite. She commands the guard to kill her in the woods, but he doesn’t. She wanders to the forest and found a little house in which she asleep. The dwarfs find the Snowhite and they become friends. When the queen finds out the Snowhite is alive, she comes to her as an old lady to give her a poisoned apple. She eats it and dies. However, the Prince comes and awakes the Snowhite, and they get married.


Game treatment:

Audience: 16+

Devices: PC/PS4

Type: Action/Strategy/Fantasy



Story and game mechanics:

The games starts when the Snowhite is in the woods. The atmosphere is dark and gloomy. She finds herself laying on the grass. She sees that the guards are chasing and trying to kill her.


The aim is : to escape the forest alive

Gameplay: exploring the forest and environment by doing quests and interacting with animals to get power and materials to make a weapon and knock the enemies off.


By doing quests animals can provide you different materials which you can merge to create a weapon. You can combine different materials to create different kind of weapons, since you need to counter different types of guards. (For example some guards use magic so you would need to create a weapon with magic resist to win a fight, or some guards are very “tanky” but their attack damage isn’t big, in which case you would need a weapon with attack speed and etc.)


For doing bigger quests Snowhite could also gain magic powers which could help her to win the fight. (The magic powers could be rooting enemies so they couldn’t move, or blinding them etc.)


The quests given by animals could be finding some type of items, in where you have to explore the forest. There will be different environments and landscapes, you might need to swim in the river or fly on the large birds. Sometimes you could encounter bad animals such as wolves, trying to kill you too.

There would be a lot of parts of the game, but these are going to be from the beginning, middle and the end of the game.



Snowhite is in the forest which is nearby the castle, gloomy and dark place, its rainning. Not many good animals around, Snowhite has to use rocks and branches to get away from the guards. She gets deeper in the woods where the rain stops and it becomes more peaceful. She discovers the world of animals which behave like humans (each has their own personalities).



She discovers a pond which has magical aura around, the atmosphere is relaxing and mystic. There are small spirits flying around which she could talk to and heal the damage taken from the guards. (The Snowhite has 1000health and if it drops below that, she has to start over from the last checkpoint. She can increase the health by doing the quests etc.) However, she hears the wolves come and she has to fight


Last part

In the last part the Snowhite has to fight the queen (the boss). The fight would happen on a tall cliff with beautiful landscape and sky. Snowhite needs to have a big variety of weapons and magic powers since the queen can change her form. The player needs to use strategy to how and when to use certain weapons and powers and when to defend themselves to win against the queen. If the player didn’t do enough quests he won’t be able to win the last level since he doesn’t have enough weapons.


Each level should have beautiful and high quality imagery.

Game artwork:



Game level ( the pond ):



“Need for Speed” Game Audio and Sound research

Music and sound effects accompany the video game and it is used to create the atmosphere and help people to dive into the game. Audio is a critical part of a racing game. It has to play in harmony with the feel of the video. To prove these things, this is a research on car racing game “Need for Speed”. This game is not only made of one sound layer. There are a lot of layers of audio which contain music, car sounds, audio effects and etc. The mix of these layers creates a cinematic and emotional feeling and makes you feel the adrenaline while driving the car.

The audio designer for “Need for Speed” is Charles Deenen. He is a is a Dutch computer/video game audio director, music composer, sound designer, and mixer.

Audio effects:
Just like every racing game, this game has a lot of car sound effects (such as car engines, turbos, drifting, etc.) These sounds create a feeling that you are actually driving a car.
To capture the true sound of a car people used microphones and put them nearby different parts of it. When you are playing the game there is a sound of every part of the car working (sound of the car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxkQ1tDN45c). To capture the sound of a moving car and whooshing people stood 2 feet away from the drifting cars and recorded it with microphones.
The another effect of audio is that the sound can play on different ears depending on how you are driving. For example, if you are driving to the left, the sound of nitro will transform to the left  ear too for more realistic effect.
There have been many sounds methods tried out to enhance the player experience to provide emotion with sound. The audio has to work together with the experience and the person playing it shouldn’t notice the sound separately. If the consumer notices audio, it starts to work against the game experience.

This game also has a lot of explosions and crashes. For Need For Speed they’ve recorded 150+ cars, anything from regular to high end 1 million dollar race-cars. To get that sound of crashing, cars have been dropped from the 100foot down and have been recorded. That creates a realistic effect, tension, makes the person excited and lets him to get involved in the game.
Instead of someone driving an empty car they created a new game version in 2011 in which they involved a main character. They recorded his voice which expressed emotions and scenes with fighting sounds. This way you could feel as you were him and could get involved in a game better and feel more drama.

This kind of game needs to have an edgy music to feel the vibe and get the feeling of this game. For example, the game version “Need for Speed The Run (2011)” takes action in America. For this game people wanted to create a soundtrack which could capture the feeling of American culture and the feeling of driving across the country. They have listened to a lot of American kind of music to get inspiration and to create their own soundtrack, which would be more edgy and cinematic.
They’ve got one layer of the orchestra playing in the background. That wasn’t enough, so they added guitars and drums which give more harshness so the music would fit the story. That shows that the music is created not of one, but many music sounds and instruments layers.
The music also depends on the story that is happening. There are some moments where they cut the music absolutely off (for example, in crashes). This way you feel the emotion of the action and makes you kind off “freeze” for that moment. In some places they make it in slow motion or faster. Then, while playing the game you naturally feel the music flowing with the game.
Other game versions have different kind of music. The soundtracks in those games have an uplifting  music ( for example electronic, dubstep, techno, drum and bass, etc. music genres). It makes you feel energised, excited and gets you into the racing mood. There are a lot of artists for the “Need for Speed” game songs. The most popular and known ones are AVICII, Major Lazer, Aero Chord, Photek, Battle Tapes.

Websites I have used to write the research:
Interview with Charles Deenen:
About the audio and sound effects:


Car Audio:

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 09.29.53.png

Game HUD



This is a poster of images of League of Legends game HUD (Heads up display)

  1. Permanent HUD is a display that is always shown on the display.
    In this game, these things are always showing on the display:
    The character you are playing, what level you are, what abilities you have and their cooldown, your health and mana, your summoner spells, your bought items, the gold you have, teams scores and the map.
  2. Pull-up HUD is a display that you have control whether you want to see it or not.
    In this game, these are things that you can hide them or show them:
    The menu of all players’ characters, which shows their score, what they are buying, what summoner spells they have got and what level everyone are. It also shows how many turrets have each team has destroyed, how many dragons and monsters each team killed, and shows how much time is left until the next monsters respawn.
    You can also pull up the menu which shows who have killed you and how they killed you, who assisted them and what items they have bought. It also gives an advice what items you should buy to become stronger against the killer.
    You can also pull out the menu which shows your stats like attack speed, damage and etc.
    Other menu you can pull up is the shop, which shows you all of the items you can buy.
  3. Action HUD is a pop-up information caused by event which happened in gameplay.
    Here are the things in this game which pop-up if something happens:
    The red screen. It shows you that you are being attacked and your health is dropping.
    The arrows which come up on your abilities when you level up. By clicking an arrow you can choose which ability you want to level up.
    When you are casting an ability the bar pops up which shows you the duration of how long it will last.
    The cooldown of your death when you die.

Polly bird

Using photoshop we had to create this bird made out of triangles.

Original photo

To create this kind of photo non-destructive way we had to follow these steps:
Firstly, we had to turn on grid and edit it’s preferences. Then we had to select polygonal lasso tool and draw a triangle. After that, click record and choose filter “blur average”. Then deselect it and stop recording. Then we needed to enable command for this action which was “F1”.

Then the process of making a bird out of triangles was way faster. We just had to draw a triangle and press CMND+F1, and the triangle would fill itself. At the beginning, I was editing the photo the destructive way, in which there were no layers. Here is the process:


However, I realised that at first I was editing the wrong way. I started over and made a photo of  non-destructive editing way. (Also, in previous picture my triangles weren’t drawn point to point, and this made some gaps between the triangles. In this picture I fixed that problem)


Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 11.29.36.png

This image doesn’t look very different from the previous one. The main difference of these two ways of editing is that on non-destructive editing you can correct your mistakes easier.

After that, I applied gradient background:

Final bird


Personally, I like this kind of editing because it is easy to use and it creates a very nice effect.


My first audio track

Using GarageBand I’ve created my very first audio track. I’ve never created music before and at first I was trying to create my own melody using piano and other instruments on the app, but it was quite difficult to me. Then I found out we can use loops. Those are audios and sounds already created on the computer. I’ve combined them to create my own audio track. In my opinion, this track is not extremely good, but I hope to improve in the future.

Here is the link to the audio track: