TASK1: Research on 6 existing websites

This is a research for different purpose websites, where I analyse it's layout, style and function. Kendra Haste (A portfolio website ) :  The permalink: The permalink of this website is the artist's name. It is really useful, because other people can find the website very easily. If the permalink's name was complicated or didn't have... Continue Reading →


TASK3: Digital app concept and evaluation

Logo creation: I've created a circle with a smoothie icon in it. At first I wanted the logo to have a leaf in it, but then I decided to go with an apple, since it looks better and apple is a more popular ingredient in smoothies. I've also played with colours to see which version... Continue Reading →

TASK4: Game evaluation

Final game screenshots: 1 version 2 version Here we can see my final finished products of the game. Here are the different parts of the game which I am going to talk about: Overall style of the game I think if I had done more research on the platform games, I would have gone with... Continue Reading →

TASK 2: Digitalised Game Level Concept Art

After my sketchbook work I've started creating the game in digital software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This is my sketchbook work before starting the digital version: Final Level Background: The aim was to create a mystical and dreamy atmosphere. Background creation: First I've created a gradient to work on. I wanted the colour palette... Continue Reading →

Movie trailer

The Legend What do you learn from the trailer: You learn about the actors, movie style and atmosphere and what it is about, two twin gangsters involved in robberies and violence Genre: Crime film/Thriller Main characters: Teddy Smith, Reginald Tray What do you learn about mise-en-scene: London Character representation: stylish, tough, confident, violent Classification: 18... Continue Reading →

Adobe Fuse character

I used Adobe Fuse to create a character that looks like me. I took a picture of myself with photo booth to have a reference. Then I've started creating the character. First I've selected the head, torso, arms and legs that looked similar build to mine and then in customise section I've started adjusting the... Continue Reading →

Barry animation

Inverse Kinematics - animation where one point affects other points while moving Forward Kinematics - different points of animation working individually To create a character first thing we need to do is to create a rig. Any character needs to have a skeleton with different parts (head, hands, torso and etc.) This time with Barry... Continue Reading →

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