2D and Stop Motion animation TASK4 – Animated Alphabet

Evaluation First animation I changed the animation type from cut out to drawn stop motion. Cut out took too much time and I wasn't able to finish to I chose to draw it. At first I've created an alternate animation just to have something, which didn't take a lot of time (around 30 minutes). This... Continue Reading →


2D and Stop Motion animation TASK2 – Animated Alphabet

0Idea of a letter For the animated alphabet I got an "X" letter. It was kinda difficult for me to find a word starting with an "x". However, I thought that "x" could represent a kiss, which was used even in Middle Ages. The first written treatment of the animation: Everything is happening in a... Continue Reading →

Racing teams logos

My racing game consists of three teams: Northern Lighters, Crimson Thunders and Wind Forcers. Northern Lighters logo: Northern lighters has a soft vibe, smooth and "chill".  The lines above the car represent the Northern Lights. Because these lights are usually green, I made their logo palette green/blue: I tried out other colours too, but I... Continue Reading →

Legal and ethical constraints

A constraint is a limitation or a restriction on something to prevent something else to happening. In the Media industry, there are a lot of limitations, laws and restrictions. Copyright applies to  work that is recorded in some way. Rights exist in items such as artistic, musical and dramatic work etc. It gives the author... Continue Reading →

Information set

Information set is a set that, for a particular player, establishes all the possible moves that could have taken place in the game so far. . Otherwise, players cannot be sure exactly what has taken place so far in the game and what their position is.

Reviewing a racing video game “Forza Horizon 2”

Game Overview Forza Horizon 2 is a racing video game developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios.The Xbox One version of the game was developed by Playground Games,while Sumo Digital developed the version for Xbox 360, with Forza series developer Turn 10 Studios supporting both builds. Release date: 30 September 2014 Developers: Playground Games,... Continue Reading →

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