TASK 3: Animated character, props and interface

It was hard to decide which character I should choose, which is why I have got a couple of digitalised and animated characters. This is my first digitalised character for the first game story: Because I've changed my story I've decided to change the character and tried creating a digitalised astronaut girl: I wasn't quite... Continue Reading →


Adobe Fuse character

I used Adobe Fuse to create a character that looks like me. I took a picture of myself with photo booth to have a reference. Then I've started creating the character. First I've selected the head, torso, arms and legs that looked similar build to mine and then in customise section I've started adjusting the... Continue Reading →

Barry animation

Inverse Kinematics - animation where one point affects other points while moving Forward Kinematics - different points of animation working individually To create a character first thing we need to do is to create a rig. Any character needs to have a skeleton with different parts (head, hands, torso and etc.) This time with Barry... Continue Reading →

Fairytale game

FAIRYTALE: Snowhite and Seven Dwarfs Writer: The Brothers Grimm Published: 1812   Plot of the fairytale: Queen asks the magic mirror who is the most beautiful in the world and the mirror’s answer is always Snowhite. She commands the guard to kill her in the woods, but he doesn’t. She wanders to the forest and... Continue Reading →

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