Adobe Fuse character

I used Adobe Fuse to create a character that looks like me. I took a picture of myself with photo booth to have a reference. Then I’ve started creating the character.

First I’ve selected the head, torso, arms and legs that looked similar build to mine and then in customise section I’ve started adjusting the facial and body features. You could change their narrowness/wideness, size, colour, and etc.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.30.29.png

Then we could select the clothing and change the patterns and colours of it.Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.49.33.png

Then I’ve exported the file as an OBJ to be able to animate it in Mixamo application.

The reference that I’ve used:

Here are the examples of textures and patterns used in Adobe Fuse:




Barry animation

Inverse Kinematics – animation where one point affects other points while moving

Forward Kinematics – different points of animation working individually

To create a character first thing we need to do is to create a rig. Any character needs to have a skeleton with different parts (head, hands, torso and etc.) This time with Barry character a skeleton rig has been already created for us so we had to apply it by going windows-animation editors-quick rig. Then this window with different joints appear:

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.22.49.png

By clicking a joint it appears on the character and we can move, scale or rotate it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.51.09.png

Using these functions I’ve tried to make this character walk using a walk cycle reference:


On each key frame I tried to change the character’s body parts location and create movement to make it look like as he was walking.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.54.34.png

However the first time creating the walking cycle wasn’t successful because it looked unnatural. To fix that problem I had to create more keyframes in between and add more detail to rotation an movement.


TASK 2: First game concept and story

This is going to be my very first game concept and story. I came up with this idea when we got the tasks handed in. I always enjoy creating stories which could have a deeper meaning and make you something learn from it. A story with a lesson and and deeper thoughts in it might make people relate to it, which could make them more attached to the game.

When I just created this character I felt really attached to it because I really liked her personality and the person she was – someone who is reserved but will do anything and fight for the people she loves.

The atmosphere of the game would have been really fast, energetic and exciting, because she would have ridden a motorcycle and would have travelled with it exploring new places. It also had to be the main icon of her, which would define and explain her personality.

However, I wasn’t allowed to make her have a motorcycle, and I recently realised why – I wouldn’t have to make the jumping and walk cycles and it would have been too easy.

Perhaps it doesn’t sound like an important detail, but for me it was and it meant quite a lot to my story. Because of that I’ve decided to change my whole character and story into something different.

Here is the concept art for my character and the game story behind the pictures:

She’s a sporty and daredevil looking character. Her name is Lea. She has a scar on her face and a bunch of tattoos on her arms.

Back in the day she used to be an innocent and naive girl. She was living with her father far in the mountains and forests. The view from their wooden house was incredible.

Her dad, Adrien, was a member of a mafia group. However, he wasn’t a bad guy, just the fate pushed him this way. He loved his daughter more than anything else and would do anything for her. Lea was everything he had since the mother was kidnapped by other mafia gang for a blackmail. Sadly, after a certain amount of money paid they never returned her. Adrien went furious, and him with his other group members went to fight them. However, the other gang was bigger than expected and Adrien had no other choice than to leave his members and run away so no one could find him. He knew they were all going to get killed. Of course, he felt sorrowful for his betrayal, but daughter was his main priority. So Adrien with Lea travelled to a God’s forgotten place, where the only living were them, animals and the nature itself.

Lea didn’t know his dad was involved in any of

this. Adrien was making his best hiding everything and that his daughter is living a peaceful life. The father taught her a lot of different things, from reading to fighting, since Adrien used to be a professional boxer. Also, dad knew how to build a lot of things. The last thing he was building was a motorbike which put his all heart in. ‘After I finish this and you grow older you’ll go up those hills going so fast as the flying wind, looking at all this beauty of our nature and feeling like you own the world.’

However, a day came when the peace was destroyed.

The mafia gang came back. They needed Adrien because he knew some important information that they needed. They came at night and took the father. Lea tried to help and fight them back, but she was too weak, and she got a scar on her face when one of the members attacked her with a knife.

17 years old she was left alone in the woods. They destroyed their furniture and the house, took everything that was precious to them. One thing they’ve left was the motorbike dad just finished building, which was at the small cabin a bit further away from their house. She wanted to bring her dad back, so she went on a journey back to the dark city sitting on the only thing her dad has left – the motorbike dad has put all the heart in.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 11.55.29.pngHere we can see I’ve already started working with the Illustrator and doing the colouring. I still wasn’t decided which colours I wanted to use, but at the moment the red hair colour seemed the best colour to match her brave personality.Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.32.26.png

The idea of city environment and fighting I got from the game called ‘Final Fight’ which I did the research on. I think the game atmosphere, background and palettes of this game would have looked similar to mine.


Fairytale game

FAIRYTALE: Snowhite and Seven Dwarfs

Writer: The Brothers Grimm

Published: 1812


Plot of the fairytale:

Queen asks the magic mirror who is the most beautiful in the world and the mirror’s answer is always Snowhite. She commands the guard to kill her in the woods, but he doesn’t. She wanders to the forest and found a little house in which she asleep. The dwarfs find the Snowhite and they become friends. When the queen finds out the Snowhite is alive, she comes to her as an old lady to give her a poisoned apple. She eats it and dies. However, the Prince comes and awakes the Snowhite, and they get married.


Game treatment:

Audience: 16+

Devices: PC/PS4

Type: Action/Strategy/Fantasy



Story and game mechanics:

The games starts when the Snowhite is in the woods. The atmosphere is dark and gloomy. She finds herself laying on the grass. She sees that the guards are chasing and trying to kill her.


The aim is : to escape the forest alive

Gameplay: exploring the forest and environment by doing quests and interacting with animals to get power and materials to make a weapon and knock the enemies off.


By doing quests animals can provide you different materials which you can merge to create a weapon. You can combine different materials to create different kind of weapons, since you need to counter different types of guards. (For example some guards use magic so you would need to create a weapon with magic resist to win a fight, or some guards are very “tanky” but their attack damage isn’t big, in which case you would need a weapon with attack speed and etc.)


For doing bigger quests Snowhite could also gain magic powers which could help her to win the fight. (The magic powers could be rooting enemies so they couldn’t move, or blinding them etc.)


The quests given by animals could be finding some type of items, in where you have to explore the forest. There will be different environments and landscapes, you might need to swim in the river or fly on the large birds. Sometimes you could encounter bad animals such as wolves, trying to kill you too.

There would be a lot of parts of the game, but these are going to be from the beginning, middle and the end of the game.



Snowhite is in the forest which is nearby the castle, gloomy and dark place, its rainning. Not many good animals around, Snowhite has to use rocks and branches to get away from the guards. She gets deeper in the woods where the rain stops and it becomes more peaceful. She discovers the world of animals which behave like humans (each has their own personalities).



She discovers a pond which has magical aura around, the atmosphere is relaxing and mystic. There are small spirits flying around which she could talk to and heal the damage taken from the guards. (The Snowhite has 1000health and if it drops below that, she has to start over from the last checkpoint. She can increase the health by doing the quests etc.) However, she hears the wolves come and she has to fight


Last part

In the last part the Snowhite has to fight the queen (the boss). The fight would happen on a tall cliff with beautiful landscape and sky. Snowhite needs to have a big variety of weapons and magic powers since the queen can change her form. The player needs to use strategy to how and when to use certain weapons and powers and when to defend themselves to win against the queen. If the player didn’t do enough quests he won’t be able to win the last level since he doesn’t have enough weapons.


Each level should have beautiful and high quality imagery.

Game artwork:



Game level ( the pond ):