The website digital creation

I have started with a logo design for my website. I wanted it to be simple and show my name, and this is what I came up with: I've creating it with Illustrator using brush tool. Before using this logo I've been trying other variations with a little drawing at the end: I didn't like... Continue Reading →


Production and evaluation

  After downloading the file on moodle and opening it, to set up a project we go to File>Set Project. Then we have to save the save the scene in a created file. Then to view a created rig for the character we have to go to HumanIK: This is the window that opens up,... Continue Reading →

TASK4: Game evaluation

Final game screenshots: 1 version 2 version Here we can see my final finished products of the game. Here are the different parts of the game which I am going to talk about: Overall style of the game I think if I had done more research on the platform games, I would have gone with... Continue Reading →

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