2D and Stop Motion animation TASK2 – Sense of Hope

Written treatment for "Sense of Hope" A scene of a beautiful sunny landscape. Clouds are moving slowly and a lake is shining. There are hills and mountains at the back."what a wonderful day" Birds are flying. " it's so shiny and calm" The girl is walking towards camera. " I am so happy to be... Continue Reading →


Racing game mood boards

Real life car dashboards: Racing teams logos: Racing teams clothes: Car logos: Video game teams (not only racing): Intellectual property (IP) -it is a set of laws that protect creative and innovative products through legal rights called patents, copyrights and trademarks. IP can be seen as protecting and encouraging creative efforts. Copyright protects creative expression,... Continue Reading →

Ideas for car racing game

Track for racing game: Strategy: The player has to go on┬áthe red track. Near every underground station there is a place to charge their cars.┬áThere are two places in the track where there are two ways to go (they are marked as pink lines). When the player encounters the question mark, there will be a... Continue Reading →

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