TASK 2: Digitalised Game Level Concept Art

After my sketchbook work I've started creating the game in digital software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This is my sketchbook work before starting the digital version: Final Level Background: The aim was to create a mystical and dreamy atmosphere. Background creation: First I've created a gradient to work on. I wanted the colour palette... Continue Reading →


TASK2: Devise and idea for an app

Healthy Smoothies App This is going to be just my idea for an app. A whole development and design of it will be in another blog post. Name of the app: The Smoothie App This app will help you to learn and discover about smoothies which can help you to improve your health and add... Continue Reading →

Printmaking techniques

Printing is a process for reproducing text and images on the paper. Printing has been here since 220 A.D. and it's techniques has been changing till this day. This is a timeline of the most important printing techniques in the history.  Woodblock printing was the first technique for printing text and images, and it was very popular in East Asia.The wood... Continue Reading →

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